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Dr. Rachel Schein  graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. Dr. Schein is a family-focused chiropractor with a passion for family health care,  and rehabilitation. She understands that every patient is unique and is prepared to serve you with a variety of safe and gentle techniques, stretches and strengthening exercises to help you get out of pain.  Among them Webster, Thompson, Activator, and Diversified. She also has experience with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization i.e. guasha and graston and is McKenzie certified. This enables her to best treat your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, or any other ailment or pain to your body.  Dr. Schein is dedicated to learning the newest and best evidence and research to allow you to get the best results and get you out of pain as quick as possible. She looks forward to meeting your family and working as a team to achieve your healthcare goals.

In her free time, Dr. Schein loves spending time traveling, hiking, scoping out the best ethnic food in town, and spinning records on her turntable!

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