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Dr. Burns

Dr. Burns M.D. attended Rush Medical College and is associated with AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center. She is board certified in American Board of Family Medicine. With Dr. Burns knowledge and expertise working alongside our team at Body in Balance Chiropractic and Medical to improve a patient’s overall health while also providing relief from painful symptoms. Dr. Burns will focus mostly on musculoskeletal conditions dealing with trigger point injections and other procedures to allow the focus being on healing the root of the cause of the pain or discomfort, with a goal of minimizing the need for drugs and surgery. Delivering an optimal healing experience is both and art and a science. Dr. Burns believes that vital parts of healing are rooted in communication and education and an understanding that the practice of medicine is not simply a job, but a commitment to treating patients. She provides compassionate and respectful care and works to personalize treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient to secure the best possible outcomes. 

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