Dr. James McCrackan, DC, CMT, PNMT

After ten years in the field of massage therapy, J had been getting frustrated at its therapeutic limits. He could help his clients feel better
temporarily, yet he could feel spinal restrictions that were preventing muscles from completely letting go. J briefly considered naprapathy and
even studied osteopathic medicine for a year, but he eventually settled on chiropractic and earned his doctorate in 2013. Dr. J now delights in
providing his patients with lasting relief and in a fraction of the time.

Dr. J combines his decades of experience in therapeutic massage with his chiropractic skills, helping to resolve pain and discomfort according to
the unique needs of each patient. He explores chronic and acute soreness by feeling patterns in the body’s tissues. Orthopedic and chiropractic tests then locate, in his words, “the pain behind the pain.” He often warms up a stiff area with myofascial massage to loosen it generally, then uses very specific neuro­muscular therapy to release restrictions precisely. When Dr. J finds a joint that is “stuck,” he releases it with either a mighty crack or gentler types of mobilization, depending on the patient's needs. To prolong relaxation and pain relief, he will often prescribe “homework," i.e. stretches and exercises via personal instruction and YouTube videos.

A lot of chiropractors ask you to come in week after week, forever and ever. Dr. J is not one of those. Your office visits will taper off as you
realize your goals via the combination of Dr. J's work and your own. He is a great detective and doesn't give up on his patients.

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