Athletic Injuries

As an athlete or work out warrior, your job is not just to perform well at your sport, but to push yourself to improve your performance every day. This puts a constant strain on your body and even with careful training habits, sports injuries can still occur in both professional athletes and those who choose to play sports recreational. The chiropractic care and rehabilitation at Body In Balance Chiropractic & Wellness in Des Plaines, IL helps athletes get back in the game and perform at their best. With the expertise of Dr. Greg Banks, patients can take advantage of the innovative, state of the art treatments that are available through sports injury chiropractic and rehabilitation.

Sports  and work out injury treatments are not only designed to help an athlete recover, they also work to prevent future injuries from occurring.  Specific chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation geared towards each individual's issue ensure that athletes of all levels stay active for a long time. With special attention to nerves, tendons, muscles, joints and the spine, Body In Balance Chiropractic & Wellness works to ensure that your musculoskeletal system is functioning properly. While an injury may immediately cause discomfort in the muscles and joints, chiropractic care focuses on the body as a unification of individual systems. Dr. Greg Banks focuses on providing targeted relief to athletic injuries, while optimizing overall function. With chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation, soft tissue work, trigger point therapy, graston, guasha, cupping, acupuncture, dry needling the health of the entire body is addressed and athletes are able to return to continue improving their athletic performance.

If you are an athlete, you find your body is becoming strained by continuous training sessions and competitions, sports chiropractic and rehab is an essential resource you should rely upon. With the knowledge and skill that Dr. Greg Banks has to offer at Body In Balance Chiropractic & Wellness, you can keep your body healthy and prevent unnecessary injury.

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