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  • 5 Feb 19, 2015 Smith Chiropractic and Rehabilitation review I went in with a "nagging tightness" in my left hip area. Dr. Banks was able to quickly identify my "alignment" issue and take me though a series of manipulation sessions (spread over 2 months) to get me back to normal again. The office staff is great as well to accommodate me in. Customer since December 2014

    - B.K. Show More
  • 5 Feb 19, 2015 Back on my foot again! I had tremendous pain in my foot and ankle. Being on my feet all day didn't help the matter. Taking time off of work was out of the question. Enter Dr. Banks, he worked on my ankle and foot for weeks and put me back together again. I am now pain free and walking not limping. He is a great Doctor. And the office staff is wonderful. Don't be like me, if you are in pain go see him. He works wonders! Customer since May 2014

    - Chris G Show More
  • 5 Feb 16, 2015 I feel GOOD, I knew that I would now I feel good, I knew that I would now So good, so good I got you, Smith Chiropractic. And you can too. Whether it is my back, my shoulder, my knee, my neck or ???, Whatever I mess up, Dr Banks and staff have always been able to fix it. If I need to go twice a week or once every 6 months, they are always willing to accommodate me and get me back up and running to my fullest potential. Give the clean and friendly office a try, you can feel

    - J B Show More
  • 5 Feb 11, 2015 Never fails I have been going to Smith Chiropractic for a few years now. What took me there was the massage therapy I knew I needed that my other Dr. didn't provide. Makes a world of difference!!!! My current issue was a pain in my upper arm I have dealt with for months but didn't say anything. Finally went to an ortho Dr to tell me what it was, then to Dr. Banks for treatment and after one adjustment feeling 80% better. Should have just said something, never fails :-) Grea

    - Deb Z. Show More
  • 5 Feb 8, 2015 Recent Appointment Need an adjustment a few weeks ago and found Dr. Banks at Smith Chiropractic in Des Plaines. What a great find. I felt great after the first adjustment and made another appointment a few weeks later at his recommendation. He did NOT, however, push for the regular 'weekly' or 'Biweekly' appointments as so many others do. After my second appointment, he basically said come back as you need to - I would certainly recommend Dr. Banks to anyone who needs to fin

    - Phillip S Show More
  • 5 Jan 27, 2015 Best Chiropractic Office Out There I have been coming to Smith Chiropractic for many years. I always receive the best care whether its from the doctor or the massage therapist. I always walk out feeling 100% after my appointments. The doctor is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The massage therapists are great! The staff are also very friendly. They offer packages to make it affordable for everyone. Customer since July 2013

    - Nina M. Show More
  • 5 Jan 21, 2015 Dr Banks/Des Plaines IL The Creme de la Creme of Chiropractors...and I've been to a few. Nobody will take better care of your spine & because Dr Banks is trained to care for extremeties, your limbs as well. He is my "go to" with any issues or questions I have regarding my health and I trust him to steer me in the right direction. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr Banks and have a therapeutic massage while you're there! Customer since March 2013

    - Anne Graziano Show More
  • 5 Jan 16, 2015 Still helping.... ...Months into my treatments and Dr. Banks still helps me feel better and better. My mom even starting seeing him and is feeling better. Customer since July 2014

    - Cecilia C
  • 5 Jan 8, 2015 Feeling Great Adjustments, therapy and massage...a must for everyone!! Feeling better than I have in months. Thanks for the dedication to my health and well being! And helping with my winter sinus issues! Customer since January 2014

    - Julie K
  • 5 Jan 5, 2015 Wonderful Practice The staff is very nice and helpful. The massage therapists are knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Banks is the best doctor I've ever had. He listens to your concerns and genuinely cares for your well-being as a whole. He has fixed pains that other doctors said couldn't be fixed. Go see him, you will be so happy you did. Customer since July 2013

    - C.T. Show More
  • 5 Jan 4, 2015 Fantastic!! This is a great chiropractic experience! From Jessica at the front desk to the massage service and then you have Dr. Banks who listens to you and adjusts you to your needs! My neck and back are in good hands and I feel great! Customer since December 2012

    - Jamie Reid
  • 5 Jan 1, 2015 My back thanks you! I look forward to my chiropractic visits as Dr. Banks keeps my back and neck in good shape. Whatever my aches and pains are each week, Dr. Banks listens patiently and knows just what to do. He and his staff are very kind and caring. No long wait times either - they'll get you in as close to your appointment as possible! Customer since April 2010

    - Daisy L. Show More
  • 5 Dec 30, 2014 massage therapy everything was good, your therapist is excellent i will continue to come in for therapy i may try the hour appointment, i need help with posture straightening Customer since July 2013

    - irwin flangel
  • 5 Dec 19, 2014 If you have tried the rest, now try the BEST From the smiling greetings upon arriving, the calming office for the short wait, the professional and knowledgeable staff caring for you all the way to feeling better upon leaving, you can't get much better care. This office gets 2 thumps up and 5 stars from me. My only complaint is that about 10 percent of the time, I have to park in the second lot, but that isn't even that far. Like walking to your neighbors, guess I am just sp

    - M.M. Show More
  • 5 Dec 12, 2014 Chiropractic care for the entire family Dr. Banks can take care of the entire family...from your kids sports injuries to your adult bones. Thanks Dr. Banks and staff for making us feel better. Customer since March 2013

    - Dan S.
  • 5 Dec 5, 2014 Love the monthly pass I love the monthly pass option, I certainly get double if not triple the value of what I paid. Feeling better every week! Thanks Dr Banks, Jessica & staff!! Customer since January 2014

    - Julie K
  • 5 Dec 4, 2014 Do yourself a favor, make your appointment today!!! The holidays are upon us and you need to get yourself the gift of good health. Get into Smith Chiropractic and your holidays will be more enjoyable. Dr Banks is amazing and his staff follow his lead. If you have been to a chiropractor in the past and were not happy, you just didn't find the right one. The crew here are nice, knowledgeable, friendly and they care. They do it all, massage, adjustments, electric stim. and ultr

    - J.M. Show More
  • 5 Dec 3, 2014 So grateful for this office! Each time we visit Dr. Banks I come away feeling grateful for his knowledge pertaining to restoring the body to health in the most natural way possible. He is great at adjusting the spine, but we often have questions on other health matters and he is very willing to give practical suggestions. He has a great way with kids, another reason to bring your whole family here! We love this office so much! Customer since April 2010

    - D.L. Show More
  • 5 Nov 15, 2014 Dr. Banks & staff are great Please don't hesitate to share any ailments you may have with Dr. Banks. You'll be surprised by the healing powers of chiropractic and holistic medicine especially when practiced by Dr. Banks and his staff. At the practice there is a real feeling in the air of care and caring and in the rare event Dr. Banks does not have the cure that might ail you, he will make sure to point you in the right direction for the help you need. Please give it a try,

    - EVB Show More
  • 5 Nov 11, 2014 Good Practice Dr. Banks is really attentive and willing to work with your needs. I would recommend any of my family or friends that need chiropractic care. Customer since August 2014

    - J.G.
  • 5 Nov 6, 2014 great people This is a group of people. they care about you and the office is neat and carefree. from the receptionist to the doctor they treat you respectfully Customer since November 2014

    - Terry Harrison
  • 5 Nov 4, 2014 Feeling Great Life got in the way of making regular appointments. They accommodated my need for a quick appointment, and got me back on track to better health! Thanks so much! Customer since January 2014

    - Julie K
  • 5 Oct 24, 2014 Dr Banks is the best!!! I got a little busy and skipped some appointments. Went back to see Dr Banks yesterday and I'm feeling so much better. Great reminder to take care of myself!!! Customer since June 2014

    - Kris G
  • 5 Oct 22, 2014 Great place for children's adjustments too! I've raved about Dr. Banks before for my own adjustments. But, I needed to have him take a look at my 6 year old for some neck pain he'd been having lately. My little guy was really scared to come in. I wasn't sure if he'd even let Dr. Banks come near him! Within minutes of talking with Dr. Banks, Gabe felt comfortable enough to go in the office and in no time, he was all done with the adjustment. Amazing! He was happy and had no

    - Tim L Show More
  • 5 Oct 16, 2014 So Far So Wonderful I just started this week but I can say that so far, Dr. Banks and Team are so wonderful. I left feeling confident and better. It's something if you feel like you can highly recommend after only two visits!!! Customer since October 2014

    - Terrie Sowell
  • 5 Oct 9, 2014 Just what I needed. Dr Banks and staff are amazing. They aren't consumed with money, like other chiropractic care places in the area. Their goal is to get you back to healthy. And they work with you financially, even if you don't have insurance. I highly recommend them. Customer since September 2014

    - Katherine Siers Show More
  • 5 Sep 30, 2014 great place! I've been a patient here for 3 years, and will keep coming back. The Dr. takes the time to give you the right treatment. The staff is really nice and it is a clean and quiet place to relax. Customer since December 2011

    - steve a.
  • 5 Sep 30, 2014 Wonderful Chiropractic Care Thank you, Smith Chiropractic, for helping me with my chiropractic needs. The care and time taken to suit my needs has been second to none, and I love the relaxing environment. The staff is friendly, and so easy to communicate with/work with. This is the place to go for chiropractic care! Customer since September 2011

    - Jill J.A. Show More
  • 5 Sep 30, 2014 Much needed relief I had been having this stiffness in my neck and back and after just one adjustment I feel a lot better. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.Definitely recommend this place! Customer since September 2014

    - Vannesa Garcia
  • 5 Sep 24, 2014 Fast relief for a sore neck I came in with a stiff neck one day and after just one adjustment, I regained range of motion and relief from the pain. Dr. Banks also helped with some numbness/tingling I was experiencing in my hands. He really knows what he's doing and it's always a pleasure visiting this office. I know I'm in good hands here! Customer since November 2011

    - Daisy L Show More
  • 5 Sep 17, 2014 Great team! I've been to a few chiropractors in the last 15 years and with most of them i felt like they want to get me hooked on them! Not this time! I enjoyed going there and if i would name somebody that is nicer and friendlier i couldn't because all are great! I recommended them already and my friends had the same great experience! If you need to let anybody "straighten" you, trust Dr. Banks and his team! You will be on good hands! :)) Customer since July 2014

    - Mike L Show More
  • 5 Sep 12, 2014 First class (and effective) Dr. Banks and his team are 1st Class. This has been some of the best chiropractic and wellness care I have received in the country. Personable, professional, and extremely competent. Dr. Banks is a complete chiropractor that cares about your total well-being and not worried about the dollar. Big kudos to the whole crew over there. Customer since February 2014

    - J.R. Show More
  • 5 Sep 9, 2014 Incredible Team! I have been so impressed with everyone on Dr. Banks' team! The care my family has received has been excellent. The staff and Dr. Banks are all incredibly responsive! Customer since April 2014

    - C.B.
  • 5 Sep 3, 2014 Fantastic! I have been to well over a handful of chiropractors in over 20 years and what I have learned is that you can tell a lot from a chiropractor from the first visit. And with Dr. Banks, the first visit was a true success. He listened to what I said and customized treatment specifically based on what I told him. He was able to help me feel better right after that appt. Usually, with a new doc, improvement is a more gradual thing. I will most definitely stay with Dr. Ba

    - Cecilia C Show More
  • 5 Aug 27, 2014 Awesome service The receptionist Jessica is very friendly and welcoming. Also Dr. Banks is amazing and friendly as well. Definitely would come back to them for further chiropractic needs in the future. Customer since August 2014

    - Mary J
  • 5 Aug 24, 2014 The best The best masseuses I've ever had! Dr Banks is very knowledgable and makes my body feel great after the adjustments! Customer since December 2013

    - Don Schufman
  • 5 Aug 21, 2014 Dr Banks is awesome! The office is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Dr Banks has really helped me and my son tremendously. I highly recommend this practice! Customer since June 2014

    - Kristine G
  • 5 Aug 7, 2014 Very Pleased I am having some painful lower back and leg issues and they are really working with me to solve not only the pain but also the source of the problem. They seem to genuinely care about my health and also my wallet. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Customer since August 2014

    - J.G. Show More
  • 5 Aug 6, 2014 Dr. Banks is awesome! I've had a couple of adjustments with Dr. Banks and am very pleased with the treatment and his expertise. He's very kind and patiently listens to all of my concerns. I am responding well to his style of adjustment and my back is feeling great. I've had some questions about health & nutrition and have been impressed with his knowledge and recommendations. He is very committed to his patients' total health! Customer since April 2010

    - Daisy L. Show More
  • 5 Aug 5, 2014 Dr Banks/Des Plaines, IL I've seen Dr Banks twice & have no doubt that he wants to help people to be & to stay healthy. An added benefit is his expertise with extremities as I'v fallen on my shoulder twice. It's hard not to notice that Dr Banks has knowledge and skill so do yourself a favor and make an appointment with him today and have an awesome massage while you're there. Customer since March 2013

    - Anne Graziano Show More
  • 5 Jul 30, 2014 First visit a great success I have been to well over a handful of chiropractors in over 20 years and what I have learned is that you can tell a lot from a chiropractor from the first visit. And with Dr. Banks, the first visit was a true success. He listened to what I said and customized treatment specifically based on what I told him. He was able to help me feel better right after that appt. Usually, with a new doc, improvement is a more gradual thing. I will most definitel

    - Cecilia C Show More
  • 5 Jun 28, 2014 Massage with Victoria Ziskind I have been to many massage therapists, but Victoria Ziskind is top notch. She is so knowledgeable and her skills and compassion are amazing. I can;t wait for my next session:) Customer since June 2014

    - Kris G
  • 5 Jun 18, 2014 Relief!!!! What an awesome visit! I came in with severe neck pain and a migraine brewing. After a 30 minute massage and an evaluation and adjustment with Dr Smith, I left feeling so much better. Migraine averted and I now have a treatment plan:) Customer since June 2014

    - Kristine G
  • 5 Jun 15, 2014 Dr. Smith Rehabilitation Ive always been leering of chiros but Dr.Smith and his staff are simply the best! He understand a patients needs and body. His office staff and massage people are great. You will receive immediately relief and want to and look forward to your next visit. Customer since March 2014

    - Leo Lento Show More
  • 5 Jun 6, 2014 I went to 2 other chiropractors in the area and Dr. Smith is by far the absolute best! Dr. Smith is the best! His adjustments are quick and accurate. His prices are very fair. The office is very clean and soothing. He truly cares for and about his patients! I have sent my Husband and Mother to him and they were both extremely happy with their results. I used to have numbness in my shoulder and arms, but after a couple visits symptom free. I go maybe once every three months.

    - Heather S Show More
  • 5 May 29, 2014 What a wonderfull place! Very Cool Place ! They are very knowledgable, they allways answer all my questions and i feel like im in good hands. Not to mention the prices are very low! A+ in my opinion Customer since May 2014

    - Hubert Pieciak
  • 5 May 7, 2014 Great first impression The office is lovely and so are the staff. Dr Smith seems very knowledgeable and my first adjustment was just what was needed. Customer since April 2014

    - Lori H
  • 5 May 3, 2014 Mind and body are helped from Massages My insurance pays for the entire cost of my massage and office visits. Dr Smith's office is super clean, bright, and cheerful. Everyone there is very friendly and professional. My job is very demanding, and I have back pain towards the end of my shift. After massage therapy, I feel refreshed, and ready for work. I have anxieties too, which are also deminished after a massage. Customer since August 2012

    - Mark Fiorio Show More
  • 5 Apr 15, 2014 Nutritional counseling - an important part of overall health Dr. Smith helped me improve my health not only with spinal adjustments, but also gave me great nutritional counseling to help get my different body systems functioning better (liver, adrenals, gut flora & more). My eczema disappeared, energy levels went up and I just felt better. His supplements are the best - I've tried many other brands, but these got results quickly. Ask him for nutritional counseling - it's pa

    - T.L. Show More
  • 5 Apr 7, 2014 Committed to his patient's overall health I'm feeling the best I've ever felt, thanks to Dr. Smith. Adjustments, rehab exercises and nutritional counseling have helped me get rid of chronic pain and health issues. Can't say enough good things about this office! Customer since November 2011

    - Daisy L Show More
  • 5 Mar 16, 2014 What a Blessing! I am so grateful for Smith Chiropractic. Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable and it's evident he loves his profession. His staff is kind and Debbie gives a wonderful massage. Customer since February 2014

    - Becky
  • 5 Mar 13, 2014 Smith Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Great place to get help when problems of the body. Dr knows what he's doing and Massage people are great. I travel 30 minutes to see him cause he is better then any other Chiro I've been too. Customer since September 2012

    - chris decastris
  • 5 Feb 28, 2014 Let's get one thing straight, this office is mighty spine A class act and a one stop shop. An caring Chiropractor, knowledgable massage therapists, friendly office staff, supportive orthotics and healthy holistic options. If you have tried the rest, it is time for the BEST. Your only regret will be not calling sooner. Customer since October 2012

    - J.M. Show More
  • 5 Feb 27, 2014 Do yourself a favor, make an appointment NOW Out of the dozen or more Chiropractors I have been to, Dr Smith is easily in the top 2. Dr Smith, his staff and the office is awesome. I hunted far and wide for a Chiropractor that worked for me and I have found it. If you have been to a Chiropractor and you were not happy, that doesn't mean Chiropractic isn't for you, you just didn't find the right one for you. Check our Dr Smith, I don't think you will be sorry you did. Cust

    - Jay M Show More
  • 5 Feb 27, 2014 Excellent Service and Massages Dr Smith and his team is excellent,professional and friendly, I first went to him about 2 Years ago and since then I have referred many of my friends and family who are as well extremely satisfied with his service .Dr Smith changed my opinion on Chiropractors , He is a god fearing person who doesnt overcharge you and gives you a great deals and packages.gives lots of good tips on avoiding additiionl trips to his office and trains you to take c

    - Imad Show More
  • 5 Feb 20, 2014 Great massage! I arrived early but the masseuse was prompt and called me in exactly at the time of my appointment. The massage was perfect, she was polite and applied the right amount of pressure, and asked me questions to make sure that I was comfortable and the massage was exactly how I wanted it. Overall a great experience, I would recommend it and my masseuse (her name was Debbie) to those who are looking for a massage at an affordable rate. Customer since February 2

    - J.P. Show More
  • 5 Feb 11, 2014 GReat massage I had a full hour massage and felt great when it was done. Nice job.. ....................................................................................................................................................................... Customer since January 2014

    - Alan G Show More
  • 5 Feb 7, 2014 Lower back pain I have been to several chiropractors for many years. I really appreciated your advice and will contact you soon for an adjustment. Finances are not good at this time. I am going to continue with my exercise and healthier eating habits to help me for now. Thanks! Customer since January 2014

    - Sally Olmstead Show More
  • 5 Feb 5, 2014 Very therapeutic for stress, pain, skin, and more. I have noticed many changes since I started getting chiropractic adjustments 2 years ago. I had suffered from insomnia and depression for about 32 years. Although my original purpose was a wrenched back, I started feeling more relaxed and my mind began working much better and more in sync with my feelings. I haven’t felt so well in years. From my perspective, the massage therapy have helped me way beyond what I could have

    - Mark Fiorio Show More
  • 5 Feb 2, 2014 massage As always, wonderful care at Smith Chiropractic. Very professional, thorough and caring staff along with a peaceful therapeutic environment. Customer since June 2010

    - Russell Hilliard
  • 5 Jan 20, 2014 Great Service All Around The office as a whole is a very peaceful setting. The office staff are wonderful to work with! The massage therapists are all wonderful and really help work out my stress. Dr. Smith is a very easy going, but very knowledgeable practitioner. I've been coming to Smith Chiropractor for a year now and I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in my overall health and wellness - thanks to Dr. Smith and his Staff! Customer since December 2012

    - Jamie Reid Show More
  • 5 Jan 14, 2014 Relief from a painful fall My son fell down the stairs and was in a great deal of back pain. Dr. Smith did a thorough assessment to determine that there was no serious damage that would require further medical attention and then carefully adjusted him. The next day he was already moving around more freely and 2 days later is back to his old self. Dr. Smith has a great way with kids that makes them feel at ease and trust him. This is the best chiropractor for the whole famil

    - Tim L. Show More
  • 5 Dec 17, 2013 If you want to feel better, you need to get here I've been to at least a dozen Chiroprctors over the years. The 1st Chiropractor I went to told me, If I can't help you, that doesn't mean Chiropractic isn't for you, it means I am not the Chiroprctor for you. After my first visit, I was sold. She is no longer practicing so I went in search of a replacement. After trying at least a dozen others, I found Dr Smith and it was a GREAT day. If you have been to a Chiropractor and it

    - J.M. Show More
  • 5 Dec 8, 2013 Moving so VERY sorry to leave Smith Chiro We are moving to Utah so we will miss the effective adjustments and massages provided by Dr. Smith and his staff, They are always friendly and most concerned about patient progress and improvement, offer a variety of approaches to make sure the patient if on the road to recovery. My condition, although chronic, has vastly improved since we found Dr. Smith. Customer since June 2012

    - Kevin Nichols Show More
  • 5 Oct 21, 2013 Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Services I've been going to Smith chiropractic for approx. 6 months and Dr. Smith and his employees are very friendly, and professional. In the short time I have been going there my migraines,headaches,and occasional back discomfort have been bothering me less. I've tried ARP treatment and it has helped me use and turn on muscles I didn't even know weren't in use. The practice is great and I definitely recommend Smith Chiropractic and Rehabil

    - Gina C Show More
  • 5 Oct 19, 2013 Dr Smith/Des Plaines, IL No more blank stares from chiropractors w/o a clue when I talk about pain on my left side resulting from two falls to my left shoulder. Dr Smith has given me exercises tailored to my situation and not a blanket regimen prescribed to me and the 7,000 other patients he sees. He doesn't drool when I pull out my credit card to pay/$40 for an adjustment and the best massage I've ever had either. See Dr Smith for treatment by a Dr who knows his stuff and

    - Anne Graziano Show More
  • 5 Oct 9, 2013 The best Charioprctaitc who diagnoses thoroughly The service is great, one of the most faithful doctors I have visited. The nursing and Physiotherapy is quite advanced and effective Customer since October 2013

    - Mafdy A
  • 5 Sep 19, 2013 Great Chiropracticity! The doc does great cracking work. The massage therapists are all great. And they work with my health insurance! Customer since August 2010

    - Jesse Jensen
  • 5 Aug 29, 2013 You won't find a better Doctor in town ! Dr Smith is a great Chirpractor , Friendly and knows what he is doing . Gives you advise and really cares about his clients as if there were friend's /family . The staff is just as good . Highly Recommended !!! Customer since August 2011

    - Steve Antipas Show More
  • 5 Aug 14, 2013 Best Chirpractor in Des Plaines Really patient oriented, flexible and having really a great healing touch...! He will make your pain go away in minutes. Customer since August 2012

    - Anurag Gupta
  • 5 Jul 25, 2013 Best Chiropractic Office in Illinois Dr. Smith and his staff are the best in their field. One of his massage therapist's, Nicole is fantastic. I had pain from a fall for 4 weeks and it took her only half an hour to stop the pain. If your appointment is for 11:00 they will take you in at 11:00 and not have you wait like other doctors offices. If anyone has any type of muscular pain in their body I highly recommend Dr. Smith's office. Customer since July 2013

    - marina gerber Show More
  • 5 Jul 4, 2013 extremely helpful Dr Smih was very helpful, explained everything and gave me his complete attention. My pain is on the mend and morover u have a plan in place to avoid suxh an injury in the future. Highly recommended. Customer since July 2013

    - Siddhant Lall
  • 5 Jun 26, 2013 Good stuff 1st time there and experience was good. friendly staff, clean facility, and overall nice place. I will be going back again for the arc therapy Customer since June 2013

    - Michael L
  • 5 Jun 18, 2013 Friendly and Caring I've been to two other chiropractors in the past and neither of them gave me the personal and caring treatment I get from Dr. Smith. He's a keeper! Staff and massage therapists are also great. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Customer since October 2012

    - A.B.
  • 5 May 30, 2013 Fantastic! Smith Chiropractic is fantastic! Everyone is so nice the massage therapists are great and Dr. Smith is awesome! I highly recommend Smith Chiropractic! Customer since July 2012

    - L
  • 5 Apr 18, 2013 Best Chiropractic service in Chicagoland! If you have tried other Chiropractors in the Chicagoland area but were unimpressed with treatments, Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith and his talented staff. They have cutting-edge equipment, a new, modern, comfortable facility, and friendly and understanding staff. I hope your results are similar to mine. Customer since August 2012

    - Mark Fiorio Show More
  • 5 Apr 9, 2013 Relief My mother believes that if you keep your back healthy - you keep your body and mind healthy. I am a teenager involved in weight lifting at school. My muscles as a result get sore and achy. Barb the massage therapist and Dr. Smith have been great at providing relief and it has been years since I had so much as a cold. As I do not have any injuries- my Mother schedules a 30 minute massage and chirepractic adjustment for me each month. Customer since January 2012

    - Keith Karschnick Show More
  • 5 Mar 24, 2013 Caring Office! On my first visit, Dr. Smith took the time out to talk to me and answer all of my questions. He and his staff are kind and caring people who truly care about their patients. I get a massage and adjusted - this has been amazing for my back and neck pain. The care plan that I am under and the care that I am given has been a wonderful experience. Not only does my back/neck feel better, but I feel better! Customer since December 2012

    - Jamie Reid Show More
  • 5 Mar 2, 2013 Good service Good doctor, I like his way of treatment and they way how he understan the patients problem. Nice ambiance and facility at doctor office Customer since June 2012

    - Anshul Agrawal
  • 5 Feb 14, 2013 Back pain gone Felt a pop in my back during a workout. I was not able to sit down or bend over without pain. Next day received therapy at smith chiro. I was able to workout and play 2 hours of basketball without any pain the next day. Truly great work. Customer since December 2010

    - I.B. Show More
  • 5 Feb 14, 2013 Best Chiropractic Care My friend Kayla recommended Smith Chiropractic and I am so glad she did! I received excellent care and would recommend Dr. Smith to friends & family. Customer since April 2011

    - Marina Gerber
  • 5 Feb 2, 2013 First rate care Dr. Smith and his staff are great!! A place where you feel welcomed, cared for and problems solved!! Customer since December 2010

    - Debbi Zulaski
  • 5 Jan 31, 2013 Wonderful Experience Everyone was kind, helpful and knowledgeable in their specific field. I enjoyed the ease of making an appointment on the internet. Speaking of appointments, I was taken within 5 minutes -hardly any wait time. Dr. Smith took time to explain to me areas of my body that needed to be addressed and enlightened me with a technique that will break up scar tissue from an old injury-how exciting ! Overall it was a very good experience Customer since January 2

    - Nancy h Show More
  • 5 Dec 29, 2012 wow its nice to know.there are doctors out there that are more.concerned with your health rather.then your money. great doctor and great therapist all very knowledgeable and kind and very professional I would refer.this office to anyone Customer since October 2010

    - Shane Overton
  • 5 Dec 7, 2012 Great Place Great Staff Dr. Smith was very nice and professional and you can see that he really does care about his patients with the way he would even walk you out while taking time to be clear on his instructions for your way to recovery. Customer since December 2012

    - Josue Torres
  • 5 Nov 28, 2012 Chiropractic Care Had my 1st visit w/ Dr. Smith on Tuesday. I was very pleased with his patience and consideration and the time he took to understand my concerns and needs. And the staff was not only caring and helpful, they stayed late to provide additional services to ease my injured body. Customer since November 2012

    - LMW Show More
  • 5 Nov 26, 2012 Still the best At Smith Chiropractic you feel relaxed and cared for. You're never rushed or given generic answers, but treated with the utmost personalized and quality care. I've recommended many people to Dr. Smith and I recommend you to see him as well Customer since November 2009

    - Satisfied customer Show More
  • 5 Nov 23, 2012 10 stars doctor and staff!!!! My whole family goes to dr.Smith for different health issue. My son travel 25 miles one way to see him.He ,and his staff ,is absolutely the best and should be rated 10 stars !!!! Customer since July 2010

    - Elizabeth S
  • 5 Nov 13, 2012 Fantastic! Dr. Smith and his staff are great! I always get friendly and effective treatments when I am there. They are easy to reach & very cooperative when I need to switch my appt time, etc. Customer since March 2011

    - Wendy Johnston
  • 5 Nov 7, 2012 Proactive treatments with results After years of enduring pain, Dr Smith is the first Dr to address the cause of the pain, and has provided me with exercises to strengthen my weaknesses. Starting with the toes!! Why didn't someone tell me this years ago! He and his staff are rock stars! Customer since September 2012

    - Andrew F Show More
  • 5 Oct 11, 2012 Great Chiropractor! I found Smith Chiropractic online and after reading all the reviews, I decided to give it a try because I was experiencing some back pain. I was able to make an appointment that same day! Right away I felt so comfortable walking in and being greeted. Once I got in to see the Dr, I began to feel relief from my back pain. He explained everything so I knew exactly what he was talking about, and overall was just super kind and friendly. I highly recommend Dr

    - Rhiannon Beucher Show More
  • 5 Sep 29, 2012 he is also human being ya Dr smith is care of every patient . he dont woory about money....... ans staff also gud......\ finally he is a gud doctor Customer since September 2012

    - Abhishek Patel
  • 5 Aug 19, 2012 a rare thing It's a rare thing to find a competent Dr. who genuinely cares about you and makes no compromises. Dr. Smith is that kind of a Dr. Customer since November 2009

    - K.P.
  • 5 Jul 20, 2012 Great Customer Service! I love the warm atmosphere at Smith Chiropractic...I feel very comfortable there. Dr. Smith has a very friendly personality. I also go there for massage therapy after a stressful day at work...very relaxing and the therapists are very knowledgable about which muscles to work on if you have problem spots. I would recommend them to everyone! Customer since March 2011

    - Wendy J Show More
  • 5 Jul 10, 2012 Excellent! Smith chiropractic really knows what they are doing. Not only is the environment comfortable and inviting, but the staff is incredible! Customer since May 2011

    - Colin D
  • 5 Jul 1, 2012 Smith Chiropractic Dr. Smith is always a great help. He is very concerned about the long term well being of his patients. His approach is personable and friendly. Customer since June 2012

    - Kevin Nichols
  • 5 Jul 1, 2012 I'm impressed! I went to Smith Chiropractic primarily for the deep tissue massage, which I was very pleased with. Since I have had chiropractic sessions in the past I was just expecting an adjustment. I had developed shin splints earlier this year and didn't know the cause or how to fix it. I wasn't sure Chiros dealt with that problem, but Dr Smith was able to explain why it was happening and actually show me the cause. Dr Smith has just raised the bar! I'm looking forward t

    - Antonio Deguzman Show More
  • 5 Jun 18, 2012 Highly recommended Smith Chiropractic is one of those rare doctors offices where people are treated like people and not like just a means to a paycheck. Most people like myself have long work schedules and families, the entire staff work hard to accommodate patients in this regards. Dr. Smith's approach to care is comprehensive and is truly concerned with each patients overall health, covering not just back pain but also includes weight loss and total body health. I recomme

    - Chris Feldman Show More
  • 5 Jun 12, 2012 Excellent! I've long experienced back and neck pain from a history in martial arts. Dr. Smith is the best practitioner I've seen and I've now been visiting him for 4 years. When I first saw him my neck was in so much pain that I could barely lift my head off my pillow. After one visit I was feeling much better! Within a week I had no pain and full mobility. He's friendly and has a terrific staff, including massage therapists that I can also vouch for. I've recommended him t

    - Ryan L Show More
  • 5 May 24, 2012 Dr. Smith, Miracle man I was looking for someone. I found him on the internet. He worked on my back and legs and with just that first visit I was 75% better!! He works with my insurance and tells me exactly what type of therapy or adjustments I need. I try and go to him as often as I can, Dr. Smith has kept me loose and moving, PAIN FREE!!!! I love the entire staff, they know what they are doing. They offer the adjustments as well as therapy and even a great massage staff.

    - Tom Neil Show More
  • 5 May 18, 2012 Best Chiropractor I've ever been to!!!! I've suffered with neck and lower back pain for the past 5 years due to a car accident and I've been to a fair amount of chiropractors throughout the years...Dr. Smith is by far the best! I was almost pain free the first session!! The office is very clean and inviting and the staff is great. Dr. Smith truly cares for his patients and I never feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Smith and his staff...you won't be disappointed. Custom

    - G.M. Show More
  • 5 May 11, 2012 Honest & Knowledgeable Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable. His office is very clean and calming. His staff are great, as well. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Smith and his team are honest and I know that they will take good care of me and my family. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic help. Customer since May 2012

    - R.P. Show More
  • 5 May 2, 2012 What a diffenence My daughter recommended that I visit Dr. Smith since I was complaining of tightness in my neck and shoulders from remodeling our home. Dr. Smith adjusted me, sent me home with instructions to ice and come back for another adjustment and message. The message by Debbie was one of the best I have ever had. Not only is Dr. Smith a wonderful chiropractor but he has a great office staff! I highly recommend him! Customer since April 2012

    - R.W. Show More
  • 5 Apr 19, 2012 First Chiropractic Experience Smith Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a very warm and welcoming establishment with a very friendly staff. Dr. Smith is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor who greets you by name and handles each patient very specifically. He believes in educating his patients so they have an understanding of why the body is doing what it is and why his treatment plans are necessary and helpful. Since my first appointment 4 days ago I have had less pain and in

    - Jessica Dart Show More
  • 5 Apr 17, 2012 Appointment Experience Dr. Smith is very friendly and adds the personal touch to his services that keeps me coming back each time I need an adjustment. I love the massage therapists too! Customer since March 2011

    - Wendy Johnston
  • 5 Apr 11, 2012 Excellent Care Provider Dr. Smith is an excellent care provider. I am very impressed by his thoroughness and the time he took to visit with me. I know my back will get better because I have a Dr. who cares. Very nice staff. I highly recommend Dr. Smith. The fact that he believes in Jesus only makes it all the better. Customer since April 2012

    - Tony K Show More
  • 5 Apr 8, 2012 Caring and Compassionate I had been sick for two years with bronchitis, sinus infections, allergies & asthma. I was prescribed medication after another. I met with Dr. Smith who informed me that he could help. He listened to my concerns, was caring & compassionate. He gave me exercises that I could do at home, as well as pressure points for the sinus. I'm proud to say,that I haven't been sick for the 1st time in many years. Thank you Dr. Smith, you have made me whole again!

    - Sharon M Show More
  • 5 Mar 28, 2012 A Physician who CARES Dr. Smith is extremely flexible with appointments. He takes the time to get to know you and builds a genuine relationship. Above all, he is a great Chiropractor. Within ten minutes, Dr. Smith was able to properly and accurately diagnose my condition. He created an easy way for me to continue working on getting better outside of the office visits. Dr. Smith will also take the time to explain everything in detail to ensure that you understand the reasons

    - Kyle K Show More
  • 5 Mar 25, 2012 Your back will thank you! I have been going to Dr. Smith for over a year now. With massage therapy and chiropractic treatments my back is the best it's ever been!! And the pain I was getting in my neck is gone too. Customer since December 2010

    - D.Z.
  • 5 Mar 3, 2012 Relief from Plantar Fascitis I was suffering from a very bad case of plantar fascitis. My feet hurt so much it was difficult to walk. I really thought I would be going to a podiatrist and having surgery, it was that bad. Dr. Smith explained what was happening, and after receiving treatment for a few weeks and doing the at-home rehab exercises, I am able to walk again without pain. I am so thankful for his expertise in treating the whole body. I would recommend Dr. Smith to e

    - Daisy L. Show More
  • 5 Mar 1, 2012 Amazing I went to Dr. Smith last year and he broke my daily headache cycle. He even realigned my back so I don't have backaches. I've been to other doctors and chiropractors before but never with these excellent results. I'm so glad my friend gave me his name. Definitely worth checking out! Customer since July 2011

    - Cathy M Show More
  • 5 Feb 23, 2012 Excellent chiropractic care! I have been to 3 chiropracters prior to finding Dr. Smith. I have never received such caring, personal attention as here. With each visit, Dr. Smith listens to all of my concerns and his treatment is very comprehensive! I am feeling so much better and he has motivated me to go even further with specific rehab exercises - all part of a standard office visit! I'm so thankful to have found this office - I won't go anywhere else! I strongly recommen

    - Daisy L Show More
  • 5 Feb 18, 2012 Very nice experience! I was really greatfull how nice people working there, especially Dr. Smith. There is no words to describe that, I just wish him the best and would suggest to every person to choose him as a Chiropractor. Customer since February 2012

    - Sanja Subotic
  • 5 Feb 16, 2012 this Dr. and staff are an important part of our health now My husband was post surgical, I had some chronic pain. Dr. Smith rehabbed my hubby and has gotten him moving, pain free and with a positive perspective, not debilitated. His help with nuteition and exercise, strenthening and streching in addition to his treatments have really helped me. He does not have his hand in your pocket book to keep you coming back. He really cares and is very knowledgable. I have referred ot

    - Michael Ann Nichols Show More
  • 5 Jan 28, 2012 great! I love visiting Smith Chiropractic. They are such nice and genuine people. A fun place with people I trust with my children while I receive excellent services. I would go every day if I could! Customer since January 2011

    - Quinn Parish
  • 5 Jan 27, 2012 Highly recommended Dr. Smith was recommended by my friend who was his patient for long time. I didn’t regret going to his office, he is caring and patient. It’s a pleasure to have him as my Chiropractor. His office staff was wonderful as well. Customer since January 2012

    - Manya Almatar
  • 5 Jan 21, 2012 Wonderful caring staff and doctor Dr. Smith and his massage staff have helped me greatly over the last 6 months. His chiropractic methods used in conjunction w/massage therapy are in line with healing my old back injury. Customer since January 2012

    - Lori M
  • 5 Jan 17, 2012 Smith Chiropractic & Rehabilition Dr. Smith is very polite and professional. Always ready to answer any questions I may have. His prices seem reasonable and he has really helped improve the condition of my back...Great job Doc!! Customer since August 2010

    - Robert Cook
  • 5 Jan 4, 2012 Best Chiropractic Service in Des Plaines Dr. Smith is a very able physician. I was having severe pain in my back and had seen many chiropractors. I was told that there is a coiling in muscle, which will take 5-6 visits to get relaxed. I did 2 visits, but to no relief. Then I went to Dr. Smith. He determined that there is a dislocated rib which needs to be fixed. I was little scared by listening to this. Dr Smith did some adjustments, and I was feeling so great that I did not

    - Mukesh G Show More
  • 5 Dec 15, 2011 Above and Beyond Dr. Smith was able to quickly assess my condition and suggest an easy to follow solution to the hurts. He even came in before hours to see me personally due to my work schedule. Very personable and knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommend. : ) Customer since December 2011

    - Kyle K. Show More
  • 5 Dec 8, 2011 DESPERATION-HOPE- CURE Had chronic lower back pain radiating down my legs. The doc diagnosed the problem, set me on a stretching plan with massage therapy along with adjustments. I have not felt this good in many a year. Customer since November 2011

    - Thomas Durr
  • 5 Dec 6, 2011 Best Groupon investment ever! I had received a Groupon for Smith Chiropractic and I am so glad that I did. I felt like a new person after my first massage and adjustment. Even though I've only been there once so far, I have already recommended them to several friends. Customer since August 2011

    - Nicole Argudo Show More
  • 5 Nov 30, 2011 Most caring and personalbe Dr. Smith is a great chiropractor, he is very caring and personable, he really makes you feel comfortable from the start. He really tries to find the root of the pain and problems, guiding towards a solution as quick as possible. Customer since November 2011

    - Beth P Show More
  • 5 Nov 22, 2011 We are so thankful! Dr. Bill's treatments for our family have been something for which we are very thankful. He is a very trustworthy chiropractor and the staff there are extremely friendly. His care and concern for his patients is very genuine. We have been going to Dr. Smith for two years now and will continue to do so! Thanks Dr. Bill! Customer since August 2011

    - Ann Sanders Show More
  • 5 Nov 5, 2011 Free from pain After only two sessions with Smith Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, my chronic sciatic pain has been eliminated. The adjustments by Dr. Smith and the massage and other therapy is amazing. The staff is professional and caring and you know that everyone there is looking out for the best in you. Customer since October 2011

    - Maureen Clark Show More
  • 5 Nov 1, 2011 Excellent Experience at Smith Chiropractic I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Dr. Smith. I did not have to wait at all; everyone I saw there was very warm friendly. Dr. Smith was easy to talk to and explained a lot to me throughout the visit. His office also has a play room for young children to play in while they are waiting. Customer since October 2011

    - Kim Peterson Show More
  • 5 Oct 30, 2011 Groupon Referral I did not have high expectations at the onset. I had purchased a Groupon on the internet on a whim to see if I could get some relief for my never ending chronic back and neck pain. I took about 2 months to redeem my coupon and that was a huge error in judgment. After my first adjustment, I feel a LOT better. I was somewhat sore from all the attention my locked up muscles and knots received, but it was long overdue pampering. The office is serene and spa-lik

    - Cathi K Show More
  • 5 Oct 18, 2011 Excellent Chiropractor Dr. Smith is the best chiropractor I have been to. His adjustments are very effective which has provided excellent results for me, Fantastic chiropractor! Customer since September 2011

    - Keith D
  • 5 Oct 12, 2011 Great Service Having been to several other chiropractors before moving into the area I can honestly say that everyone at Smith Chiropractic is professional and I always feel better after being adjusted Customer since April 2011

    - K.T.
  • 5 Oct 12, 2011 Great Listener Dr. Smith takes his time with his patients. I was surprised how much I appreciated his listening skills and realized what I had been missing with most other doctors. Customer since October 2011

    - T.G.
  • 5 Oct 10, 2011 AMAZING!!! I was referred to Dr. Smith from my bowling coach who has been going to Dr. Smith for awhile. I had my reservations at first because I never been to a chiropractor and was under the impression that it's not a good idea for the type of back issues that I have. After 1 visit I was sold, Dr. Smith and his staff are wonderful, friendly, educated. But most of all they put my mind at ease about my situation. Thank you!! Customer since September 2011

    - Josette Christian Show More
  • 5 Sep 29, 2011 SUPERB! AMAZING, WARM, FRIENDLY DOCTOR AND STAFF! I love the zen-like atmosphere of the office. Clean and comfortable. A very kind and sincere doctor experience. Looking forward to my next appointment. Customer since September 2011

    - Fran S
  • 5 Sep 25, 2011 Outstanding!!! I was in the most pain in my life in my lower back, I couldn't stand up right. Dr.Smith did wonders for me and my back. Now after a couple of sessions with him I am able to go through my day pain free. Customer since September 2011

    - Michael Simmons
  • 5 Sep 20, 2011 Fantastic Simply a great doctor, who listens, explains and treats your conditions and recommends the right solution without the fluff or makeup things just to get you to pay more money or milk the insurance company. Try Dr. Smith once, and you will be very happy. Customer since August 2011

    - Will S Show More
  • 4 Sep 14, 2011 first time patient It was my first time visiting any chiropractor and had no idea what it would be like. The receptionist was nice and helped me with papers. Within few minutes met the doctor and while talking to him found out a lot of information which was very beneficial. Customer since September 2011

    - sunny sharma Show More
  • 5 Aug 31, 2011 The Best! I came across this place from buying a Groupon. I was very happy it was in the town I live in and you couldn't beat the Groupon offer. I am so happy I did buy it, because Dr. Smith works wonders. I am going through some bad lower back pain, that wakes me from sleep and he was able to help me through it. And he is so nice and polite and an overall very concerned dr. I highly recommend Smith Chiropratic to anyone! Oh and the girls are great too! Customer since Au

    - Ophelia Kapelanski Show More
  • 5 Aug 23, 2011 Best ever! I was impressed with how much care and concern Dr. Smith has for his patients. He really wants the best for his patients and goes out of his way to make sure they receive the best care ever, It's a complete wellness center, right down to the gluten free breads that are for sale. Customer since August 2011

    - Jennifer Richards Show More
  • 5 Aug 20, 2011 Great! Dr. Smith and his staff are all very good. He did a very thorough assessment of my baseline condition and designed a program and provided me treatment to address my personal situation. I look forward to continued treatment! Customer since August 2011

    - J.M.
  • 5 Aug 14, 2011 My first visit was GREAT I was in severe pain 1-10 a 9 it was nice experience I had a free 1/2 massage and then Dr. Smith met me and was very nice and was not rushed after he worked on me maybe 10 minutes my pain went from a 9 to a 1.On my next visit Im sure from the first visit it will be brought down to a 0 pain level.I have went to a few Chiropractors and 99% seem only interested in money .Even though he and all of us need to make a income my feeling was that was not the

    - Gary Harrell Show More
  • 5 Jul 20, 2011 The Smith Chiropractic Team really cares.. The Smith Chiropractic Team really cares about the whole person. Dr Smith realizes that chiropatric care is more than addressing the hurt, he and his team takes the time to teach how to become stronger so that we can be proactive in preventing further injury and pain. Customer since January 2011

    - Niko. D Show More
  • 5 May 17, 2011 Continues to provide outstanding service Some places start great and then their quality slowly diminishes as they grow. Not so with Dr. Smith. He continues to provide awesome care in an awesome environment. Customer since November 2009

    - Kris P
  • 5 Apr 9, 2011 Highly Recommended GREAT all around care- honest- kind-compassionate- knowledgable. They are the whole package. Go here and you'll never go anywhere else again!!! My whole family goes now! They're great with kids too! Customer since August 2010

    - Kari S
  • 5 Mar 24, 2011 Took a chance and changed Dr's, glad I did! I had been seeing another Chiropractor for about five years, but I was beginning to feel my body needed more, that the adjustments just were not enough. Then I saw Dr. Smith's add and that he had massage therapy. This is definitely what my body needed.. Great place, great Dr.! Customer since December 2010

    - Debbi Z. Show More
  • 5 Mar 18, 2011 Fantastic place. Highly, highly recommend. Dr. Bill is a genius. My back, shoulders and neck felt better than they had in years. This is the kind of place you'll want (and need) to come back to again and again. Customer since March 2011

    - Becca Stringer
  • 5 Mar 15, 2011 Great! They cracked stuff I didn't even know I had and found knots that I didn't know I had. No wonder I was stiff! I felt immediate results, no kidding. My back and hips used to hurt when I lay on my side. That evening when I went to bed, they did not hurt! Customer since March 2011

    - Wendy J Show More

    - D.P.
  • 4 Feb 23, 2011 New Patient I found the office experience to be relaxing and Dr. Smith both professional and goal-oriented. The first treatment did alleviate my discomfort and I have made future appointments for chiropractic care and massage therapy. Customer since February 2011

    - Prospect
  • 5 Jun 10, 2010 Still Worth The Commute I'm still making the commute from the NW side of Chicago to Des Plaines to see Dr. Smith. Why? Because there is no one else who I trust more to do Chiropractic work on me and because I continue to have great results. Customer since November 2009

    - Kris
  • 5 Nov 25, 2009 Very personable and great care! Yesterday was my first time at Smith Chiropractic and I am thankful for the through treatment I recieved! I feel a TON better. I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Customer since November 2009

    - Tanya
  • 5 Nov 21, 2009 Worth The Commute I started receiving treatment from Dr. Smith when he worked in my neighborhood. I continue to receive treatment from him now even though his office is further away. Why? Because he continues to be a competent, caring & trustworthy chiropractor - Only now he has an awesome office. It is totally worth the commute to receive treatment from him. Customer since November 2009

    - Kris Show More

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