Compression Therapy

NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Recovery System

The idea behind pneumatic compression is that it can assist in muscle recovery, inflammation reduction, and fatigue/soreness management. When you perform physical activity, you're stressing the muscles in a way that disrupts the fibers. This temporarily leads to inflammation in the muscles as well as the creation of metabolic waste (lactate, bicarbonate, etc…). With the swelling/inflammation in conjunction with the small tears in muscle fibers, you can experience soreness, fatigue, and decreased muscle strength.

The way compression may help is that it temporarily provides increased blood circulation to a targeted area. This acceleration of the blood flow leads to an increase in oxygen to the muscles, it helps move the blood towards the heart, and it assists in flushing the body of metabolic waste. Our lymphatic and vascular systems naturally help our bodies accomplish this, but pneumatic compression can do so more efficiently.

There are numerous studies demonstrating the benefits of compression. Here are just a few:

·      Reducing swelling and inflammation 

·      Speeding up muscle recovery 

·      Preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness 

·      Relieving muscle pain

·      Improving athletic performance

·      Increasing flexibility and range of motion

·      Removing exercise-related wastes, like lactic acid  Decreasing muscle fatigue 

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